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We offer the following services, which are billed at an hourly rate that is based on the skills required and the scope of the project. We understand that a successful business runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and we will be here to support you!
General Services
Management & Operation

Computer Repair
System Upgrades
Computer Setup
Virus Removal
Spyware Removal
Preventive maintenance
Small Office Networking

Home Networking
Custom Computer Imaging
Personalized Technology Training
Security Installation & Management
Data Transfer
Data Recovery
Remote Computer Support
Website Design

Systems Consulting
Systems Planning
Help Desk Operations
Computer Security Audit
Hardware Inventory
It Department & Site Operation
Data Backups
Software Inventory
Technology Training
Disaster Recovery
Network Security Checks
Software Data Security Evaluation

Website Management and Operation

Maintenance Support Contracts

A basic maintenance support contract will include scheduled visits to your site to perform a prescribed maintenance regime. This preventive maintenance is designed to increase your systems uptime and limit serious problems in the future; also it makes your technology costs more easier to budget and plan. It also assures not only that your needs are a top priority when it matters most, but that we are already familiar with your systems and needs before disaster strikes. The following services are included under our standard contract.

- Remove potentially harmful dust and contaminants.
- Clean the mouse, keyboard & monitor screen to remove dust and other contaminants.
- Scan for and correct minor problems on the hard drive before they become serious.
- Verify that anti-spyware & anti-virus software programs are up to date.
- Evaluate your ram and hard drive usage to keep your computer running at top performance.
- Check for loose or damaged cables to avoid damaging your computer equipment.
- Evaluate your computer for it's vulnerability to hackers.
-Apply appropriate operating system updates to fix bugs and security issues, requires high-speed Internet access.
- Leave a recommendation for further improvements

Other services will be discounted during the contract period. Call today for more details or to design your own maintance contract.


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